Press Release: Xitore, Inc. Out of Stealth Mode

XITORE, Inc. Out of Stealth Mode


Flash storage operating at 25.6GB/sec, 4M IOPS, and 2us Latency in a DRAM DIMM form factor

MISSION VIEJO, CA. – February 1, 2016 – Xitore, a stealth start-up and designer of High Bandwidth, Low Latency solid-state storage, today announced their NVM-X Product Line. Offering densities of 1TB, 2TB and 4TB, Xitore’s NVM-X product will disrupt the industry, providing the fastest throughput, highest IOPS, and lowest latency, all in a DRAM DIMM form factor.

Xitore had been operating in stealth mode, however the SSD Review article written by Scot Strong on January 29 provided considerable detail about the company and its product. The SSD Review

“The NVM-X delivers superior product performance, latency, IOPS, and endurance. An operational speed of 25.6GB/sec, 4M IOPS, and 2us latency in a single standard DIMM form factor is truly second to none,” said Mike Amidi, CEO of Xitore.

For more detailed product information, go to the following link: NVM-X

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Xitore, Inc. is a leading provider of high bandwidth, low latency DATA-Storage products.

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