IP Licensing

Xitore, Inc. is an IP Licensing company with Essential Patent Portfolio in Non-volatile & Volatile memory connected to parallel memory interface. (i.e. NVDIMM-N, NVDIMM-P, NVDIMM-F, NVDIMM-X, Storage Class Memory “SCM”, etc.)

If your company is in the business of Persistence Memory (Volatile & Non-Volatile), Non-Volatile DIMM (NVDIMM-N, -F, -P, -X, etc.), Storage Class Memory (SCM), or any combination thereof using any current and emerging Non-Volatile memory technologies And/Or any current and emerging Volatile memory technologies to be connected into parallel memory interface with or without a need for Device Driver; you need to license Xitore, Inc. Essential Patent Portfolio.

Our Essential IP portfolio includes, but not limited to Volatile memory and Non-Volatile memory with or without buffering and/or caching of Byte-addressable or Block-addressable solution plugged into parallel memory interface with or without ECC and/or CRC, with or without Security, with or without Compression/De-compression, with or without Bit Balancing, with or without Scrambling, either as a Byte-addressable solution or Block-addressable solution, or both a combination of Byte-addressable and Block-addressable solution, with or without Device Driver(s), connected into parallel memory interface.

Xitore, Inc. also own additional Intellectual Properties for: a) Searching Compressed Data without Decompression, b) Securitization of Memory Modules against malicious acts, c) Adding Processing Unit(s) to either Volatile and/or Non-Volatile memories connected to parallel memory interface to perform in-memory computation.

Our Licensing / Litigation teams are ready to help.

Please drops us an e-mail at: ip-licensing@xitore.com to start the required conversation.