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Press Release: LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA– (November 22nd, 2014) – Xitore, Inc.,

A leading provider of High Bandwidth, Low Latency DATA-Storage today announced addition to their Advisory Board of Directors.

“I am pleased to announce that the following industry experts have joined the Xitore’s Advisory Board of Directors”, said Mike Amidi the CEO of Xitore, Inc.

Dr_Ali_GhiasiDr. Ali Ghiasi, has over 24 years of experience in high speed networks, optical interconnects, and storage systems. He is currently the president of Ghiasi Quantum LLC. Prior to that, he held positions in Broadcom Corporation, Sun Microsystems, 3M Corporation, and IBM Corporation. He has served as an Advisory Board director in Newport Communication that was acquired by Broadcom Corporation for $1.3B.

Dr. Ghiasi is holder of 28 granted patents by USPTO with additional 14 patents in the pipeline. He is the author of 19 scientific publications with more than 200 publications and proposals at standard bodies. He has served as a member of IEEE802.3, Fibre Channel (ANSI T11), and OIF. He is also co-authored two books in fiber optic technology.

Dr. Ghiasi holds Bachelor of Science from North Dakota State University, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from North Dakota State University, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.


Dr_Siavash_HashemiDr. Siavash Hashemi, has over 27 years of experience in marketing, product development and operations.  He is currently the Senior Director of Business Operations, Customer Service, at Juniper Networks.  Prior to that, he held positions in Force10 Networks, Dell, and NEC.

Dr. Hashemi has over 15 years of developing productive partnerships and client relationships.  He has groomed and sold 3 business ventures and has been involved in over 30 M&A activities with his employers.

Dr. Hashemi received his Ph.D. from the Ohio State University, dual majoring in Expert Systems/Artificial Intelligence and Nuclear Engineering.  He was one of the pioneers in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in solving real life industrial problems.  He received his M.S. and B.S. degrees from the University of Oklahoma.


Dr_Martin_PeislDr. Martin Peisl, has over 30 years of experience in marketing and business development of DRAMS and other memories. He spent most of his professional career in the semiconductor industry in different countries in management positions. He managed the teams producing the DRAM generations from 1Mbit through 1Gbit in Germany, the U.S. and France.

Dr. Peisl was responsible for the DRAM architecture, hardware design, and test. He introduced the DRAM product qualification process for IBM, Sun/Oracle, HP, Dell, Apple, etc. thus, securing design-ins for greater than $100M. He was also the key person for new product development, management at the JEDEC standard committee and helped develop the precursor of the DDR2 specification for DRAMs together with Intel, Samsung, Micron and other manufacturers. He worked with Siemens and the corresponding spin-offs (Infineon, Qimonda) before he turned to consulting work for DRAM Module manufacturers (Ramaxel, Netlist) as well as teaching at post-secondary colleges. He continues to be a well sought after consultant in the industry.

Dr. Peisl has completed the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Electro-physics at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.


Dr_Javad_KashefiProfessor Javad Kashefi, has over 32 years of experience in Finance. He is currently the CFO of Company. Prior to that, he was the CFO of Anabasis-Straub Information Development Technologies. He resided in many Boards of many companies.

Dr. Kashefi was appointed as Vice President to serve the American University of the Middle East. He was the Chair of Finance, Real Estate, and Law Department for 16 years in California State Polytechnic University Pomona.

Dr. Kashefi has published widely in the journals including the International Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Management, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, and Journal of International Finance and Economics. He is also authored over twenty five business cases. He is a member of Educational Committee of Los Angeles CFA Program and has conducted numerous workshops for the Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA Level I and II.

Dr. Javad Kashefi received his Ph.D. degree in Finance from Claremont Graduate University. He has been a faculty member at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona since 1982 and a Full Professor since 1986.

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